At BEACH BUSINESS HUB, we take care of the administrative and organizational ‘pains’ that are slowing you down. Are you too busy being busy to move forwards? LET US HELP: We will do what we do best, so you have MORE TIME to do what YOU do best: Growing your business and your profit. With 20 years’ experience as corporate executive assistants, as well as hands-on expertise in running our own small business, we have the skills, experience, and resources to get you organized – fast. We will help determine your needs and how we can assist. If what you're looking for isn't listed here, please ask us about it! Our services broadly fall into the four categories below (see more on our SERVICES page).

Turning your draft and basic documents and reports into professional work, making PowerPoint slides stand out in a good way, and getting documents online for mobile access and easy file sharing.


Getting you organized and focused on your revenue-generating tasks, we take care of what can be outsourced, and work with you towards achieving your business goals.


Finding industry specific information, data, and statistics so you – or we – can create the most up to date reports, analyses, articles, and newsletter content on the topics of your choice.


We have a knack for writing business information in everyday language, with a proven track record of excellent and fresh e-newsletter content, guest blogs, and columns that get noticed.


We pride ourselves on our German accuracy and British flair - without fail. Read a teaser on our Chief VA and see a full bio on our ABOUT page.

MARTINA ROWLEY, CHIEF VA AND OWNER-OPERATOR of Beach Business Hub, has organization and precision in her blood. Having been raised and educated in Germany, her work style reflects her heritage. For her clients, that means they can expect professionalism, punctuality, utmost integrity, and all details considered and taken care of. For her friends, it means they have an utterly reliable sidekick who will always give an honest opinion when it matters. She is equally comfortable working with corporate executives at the C-level and all ranks of stakeholders, as she is in direct contact with small business owners and their multitasking needs, as well as being an interface for their clients. The beginnings of her thorough training consisted of a three-year federally recognized apprenticeship in Germany. Despite suffering through her first “boss from hell” - who equalled the fictional character Cruella de Vil in coldness - she stuck with it and adopted some valuable learnings: always to produce error-free work, have impeccable telephone manners, and maintain an untouchable work ethic. (Click on ABOUT tab for more)



Here are excerpts of what some of our clients have said about us and how we helped them. See more on our CLIENTS page.

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