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The Beach Business Hub is a coworking space in Toronto where entrepreneurs, freelancers, home office based or mobile workers can access short-term workspace. Fast and secured wireless Internet is included in all bookings. You share our beautiful open plan office, or one private office, and facilities and pay only one rate that includes a desk or office, shared kitchen, lounging area, and access to our Boardroom for client meetings, team brainstorming sessions, or confidential phone calls.

Business Hours: Mondays-Fridays, 9am-5pm
Part-Time and Full-time members can have 24-hour access. Please check our “Contact” page for civic holiday closures or other occasional closure dates.

About Us: 45-second pitch at the Star Business Club Networking Event, 27 March 2013:

Our Work Space – Looking South

This sharing of space, resources, and ideas are the big difference and significant advantage over executive business/office centres, where rows of private offices literally close the door on spontaneous communication and idea exchange.

Here, you get get spontaneous idea-sharing, feedback from peers, mentor/mentee opportunities, networking meetings, professional development seminars and events geared towards entrepreneurs like you. Coworking also includes a distinct set of values. The Beach Business Hub has signed a Coworking Manifesto, which covers a full description of values but the gist of it is this:

International Coworking Core Values:
* collaboration
* community
* openness
* accessibility
* sustainability

These values provide you with more than just a place to work; they give you access to a creative and supportive professional community. Join us!

Deskmag – an online coworking magazine – has many articles, reports, and statistics on this topic and how coworking increases productivity and as a result your sales and profit (read more). Our own members sing the same praise. It is no wonder that coworking is a fast-growing trend that has doubled its numbers annually since 2006 with around 853 such centres in North America and almost 2500 worldwide, as of February 2013 (Deskmag.com).

We also have the nicest location in the heart of the Beach! (Of course we’re a tad biased.)  We have all the amenities: public transit, parking, banks, numerous eateries,  supermarket, drugstore, library, unique little stores, and more. For your lunch-break or after work relaxation you have Kew Gardens park and the much-loved boardwalk and beach within a stone’s throw. If you don’t already live here, you may never want to leave!



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