The Demise of Dialogue

According to studies, cell phone users consult their phone every 6½ minutes throughout the day. Every day.  This addictive behaviour disrupts focus during meetings, lectures, work or study time, and family meals. This demise of dialogue is harming us as humans. You know what I’m talking about: You are with friends, your spouse, or your[…]

Saying No To Clients

Saying no to clients is hard. Business owners know they should target their “ideal clients”; that certain demographic who are most likely to require and pay for your products or services. They are the right age, gender, have suitable economics (i.e. funds), and have a health, lifestyle or business problem that your product or service[…]

Nurture Your Business

Attending the annual Canada Blooms Show in Toronto has become one of my highlights every March. Winter may still be with us at that time but regardless, once I step into the huge show space at Exhibition Place, it’s spring! While the beautiful flowers and gardens fed my eyes and soul again this year, the[…]